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Walking the Walk After the New U.S.-China Climate Declaration

Date & Time

Jan. 13, 2022
3:30pm – 4:00pm ET


At the 11th hour of the Glasgow Climate COP, the United States and China unveiled a new climate declaration that highlights common ground on controlling methane emissions, integrating renewables, increasing energy efficiency, and decarbonizing the Global South. With ongoing tensions over trade, human rights, and cyber security, this agreement may seem surprising, but climate and environmental diplomacy between the two countries has been a steady channel of communication for nearly 40 years. 

To talk about how the two countries could move forward on this new declaration, China Environment Forum director Jennifer Turner will sit down over virtual tea with Dr. Fan Dai, Director of the California-China Climate Institute. Since 2019, she has led the California-China Climate Institute, a leader in promoting climate action through joint research, training and dialogue between the two carbon superpowers. 

This “Green Tea Chat” will explore not only the new agreement, but also the need for expanding sub-national partnerships on combating climate change. 


Fan Dai

Fan Dai

Director,  California-China Climate Institute

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China Environment Forum

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