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WEBCAST: China’s Coercive Environmentalism

Date & Time

Oct. 2, 2020
9:00am – 10:15am
This event will be webcast live

WEBCAST: China’s Coercive Environmentalism

Accelerating environmental and health threats from climate change, plastic pollution, and biodiversity require rapid global action. With these challenges in mind, Drs. Judith Shapiro (American University) and Yifei Li (NYU Shanghai) will kick off this panel by examining whether China’s coercive environmentalism model offers a solution for our troubled planet. 

Drawing on their new book, China Goes Green, Shapiro and Li will delve into the force and the flaws of China’s coercive environmentalism to address pollution and environmental degradation at home and abroad. Their stories will evaluate some of China’s green campaigns, laws, and other domestic mechanisms to fulfill the leadership’s ecological civilization goals. Next, in a rapid-fire interview format, Jennifer Turner (Wilson Center) will lead a deeper conversation into China’s bumpy road in greening its overseas investments. 

Jingjing Zhang (Center for Transnational Environmental Accountability, University of Maryland Law) will close out the panel with a deeper exploration of the biodiversity threats from Chinese investments into coal plants in Zimbabwe and mining in Guinea and Ghana.

After presentations and discussion, the speakers will take questions from the audience. Please submit your questions before or anytime during the panel to Twitter (@wilsonCEF) or via email to