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What Lies Ahead for Brazil after the Impeachment Vote

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After over one year of political paralysis and deepening economic recession, Brazil’s House of Representatives voted decisively on April 17 to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, intensifying the crisis and putting the country on an uncertain path. A Senate vote requiring the president to step away from her duties may occur in the coming days.  If she is forced to step aside, her expected replacement, Vice President Michel Temer, faces his own difficulties of political legitimacy and public support. A seasoned politician and former professor of constitutional law professor, Temer has vowed to form a cabinet capable of gaining the confidence of citizens and investors by moving Brazil decisively away from Rousseff’s economic course. He will have limited time to show he can stabilize the situation and govern effectively until the presidential term concludes in December 2018. Meanwhile, the eyes of the world will be on Brazil in barely 100 days as the nation readies to host the Olympic Summer Games. 

On Monday April 25th, from 3 to 5 pm, the Wilson Center's Brazil Institute and the Americas Society/Council of the Americas will jointly host a discussion with experts on what lies ahead for Brazil. The event will begin with the release of an opinion survey by Idea Inteligência on public perceptions of prospects for a potential Temer presidency. 


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