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The Kennan Institute is aware of the disinformation and incitement campaign around our work in Ukraine that is being driven by a disgruntled former contractor. We categorically reject the assertions made and perpetuated in this campaign.  We further believe that those scholars who have worked with the Kennan Institute over the years – and benefited from these exchanges – understand our position in this matter.
The Kennan Institute is confident that it has maintained the highest possible standards as set forth in the agreement with the contractor, and that it is in full accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement.
The Kennan Institute remains committed to its work in Ukraine. We have just announced a new program that will provide research and conference support for our Ukrainian alumni, as well as new leadership in Kyiv to maintain continuity in our Ukrainian programming. We have invested millions of dollars in Ukraine since we first established our office in 1997. Our record speaks for itself. We look forward to continuing this work.