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Korea Masterclass

The Wilson Center Congressional Foreign Policy Masterclass Series provides senior staffers the opportunity to go in-depth with our regional experts on a pressing foreign policy issue. This comprehensive course during a congressional recess provides a non-partisan environment for senior staffers to meet and network with fellow colleagues from across the aisle.  



Please email us at for details on the next Korea Masterclass. Dates for the next Korea Masterclass will be announced in the future.

Who Should Apply

The Wilson Center invites senior-level congressional staff to participate in the Congressional Foreign Policy Masterclass (Chiefs of Staff, Deputy Chiefs of Staff, Legislative Directors, Senior Legislative Assistants, and Professional Committee Staff). If you have questions about this requirement, please feel free to contact us! Applicants should possess a strong understanding of the legislative process and have experience working with a foreign policy portfolio.


  • The dates for the Korea Masterclass will be announced in the near future.

Topics Covered

  • Origins of the two Koreas and the Korean War

  • South Korea's democratic and economic rise

  • South Korea's foreign relations with China and Japan

  • Overview of North Korea and the Kim Regime

  • What North Korea wants

  • How to assess North Korea's stability

Key Events & Publications from the Korea Center:

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Contact Paige Rotunda at for more information.

Korea Masterclass Wilson Center Participants 2022
The 2022 Korea Masterclass learned from experts from the Wilson Center's Hyundai Motor-Korea Foundation Center for Korean History and Public Policy.