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The Kennan Institute is pleased to announce that it has engaged Dr. Mikhail Minakov as its Principal Investigator on Ukraine. This augments Dr. Minakov’s role as the editor-in-chief of Kennan Institute’s highly regarded Focus Ukraine blog.

Dr. Minakov will oversee Kennan’s expanding research program in Ukraine. He will be initiating and overseeing new research projects.

In addition, the Kennan Institute is pleased to announce that it is introducing new grants for its Ukrainian alumni. The Institute invites its alumni to take advantage of these new exciting opportunities.

This also means that the Kennan Institute is bidding good-bye to Kateryna Smagliy.  We owe Kateryna a tremendous debt of gratitude for the hard work she has put into building the Kennan Institute’s brand in Ukraine.

The Kennan Institute looks forward to remaining engaged in Ukraine and supporting the activities of its alumni. For further questions please contact