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Alana Rizzo

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Journalist, Época magazine; and Director of Abraji (Brazilian Investigative Journalism Association)

Full Biography

Alana Rizzo is a reporter for the Época magazine in Brasília. She holds a degree in journalism from the PUC-MG, and has written for Veja, Estado de S.Paulo, Correio Braziliense, and Estado de Minas. She covers poltics, human rights, and judicial issues, including the enourmous corruption scandals in Brazil. Awards include Esso Award (2008), IPSYS/Transparency International Award (2009), Brazilian Magistrates Association Award (2010), Nominations: Esso Journalism Award (2009), Embratel Award (2009 and 2010), COLPIN Investigative Journalism (2010), and the Esso Award (2012). She is currently a journalist in residence at the Chicago Booth School of Business and Director of Abraji (Brazilian Investigative Journalism Association).