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Alberto Hart

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Head of the Department of Economics and Environment, Embassy of Peru

Full Biography

Alberto Hart is head of the Economic and Environment Department of the Embassy of Peru in the United States. He is in charge of follow-up of implementation of the Peru-U.S. Trade Promotion Agreement in force since February 2009, Peru-U.S. environmental cooperation and other issues pertaining to the economic relations between both countries. Prior to his current posting, he served in Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Directorate for International Economic Negotiations and participated in Peru’s trade negotiations including the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), as well as in the follow-up of implementation of Peru’s FTAs with the United States, China, Japan, Korea and Indonesia, among others. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies from American University and a Master’s Degree in International Relations Theories from the London School of Economics.