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Alcira Gómez Heneidi

Professional affiliation

Trade and trade policy advisor for global companies; Board of Directors of non-governmental organizations such as TradeTankMx and TradeExperettes

Full Biography

Alcira is an economist specialized in international trade. With consolidated experience in trade remedies, trade facilitation, and negotiations, she boasts over 15 years working on trade policy for global companies.

Beyond her corporate career, she chaired —and co-founded along with other 20+ colleagues— a Mexican think tank called TradeTankMx, joining efforts towards a more inclusive and sustainable international trade. She continues her involvement as a member of the organization's Board of Directors.

Furthermore, Alcira serves on the Executive Board of the TradeExperettes, a global organization dedicated to empowering women trade experts and using trade as a source for good. She is also active in several other chambers and organizations of civil society related to international trade.

She holds an MBA and has completed additional postgraduate studies. Her academic background includes programs from renowned institutions such as ITESM-EGADE Business School, El Colegio de Mexico, Georgetown Law, UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).