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Alexander Guryanov

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Polish Program Coordinator, Memorial Group

Full Biography

Alexander Guryanov was born in Moscow in 1950 and lived in Warsaw in 1952-1970. He graduated from Moscow State University in 1975 and began his work as a researcher at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Soviet Science Academy in 1978. He holds a PhD in Physics and Mathematics (Kandidat nauk, 1985).

In 1993 Guryanov joined the Human Rights Center “Memorial” in Moscow and became the Polish Program Coordinator. He is the author and co-author of numerous scholarly articles on Soviet political repressions against Polish citizens perpetrated after September 17, 1939. Guryanov compiled and co-authored the volume entitled “Repressions against Poles and Polish Citizens” published by Memorial in 1997. He also co-authored and co-edited 18 books in the “Index of the Repressed” series (“Indeks Represjonowanych”) jointly published by Memorial and Warsaw-based KARTA Center (Warsaw, 2007-2013).

Guryanov compiled and co-authored two books published by Memorial on the memory of the Katyn massacre victims – the Polish prisoners of war shot in the USSR in the spring of 1940. “Killed in Katyn” (Moscow, 2015) is about the Kozelsk NKVD camp prisoners and “Killed in Kalinin, Buried in Mednoe” (Moscow, 2019) focuses on the Ostashkov NKVD camp prisoners.