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Alla Leukavets

George F. Kennan Fellow


    September 1, 2021 — May 31, 2022

    Professional affiliation

    Independent researcher

    Wilson Center Projects

    The 2020 Presidential Elections and Post-election Protests in Belarus: Internal Dynamics and Implications for Relations with Russia and the West

    Full Biography

    Alla Leukavets specializes in the domestic and foreign policy of Belarus and other Eastern Partnership countries as well as elections and electoral protests in non-democratic regimes. She holds a PhD in political science from Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (Germany) focusing on integration policies of Belarus and Ukraine vis-à-vis the EU and Russia. In addition, she has recently finished post-doctoral programmes in electoral studies at the University of Tartu (Estonia) and at the University of Leipzig (Germany) as well as completed several research stays and traineeships, inter alia, at the Harvard Davis Center, European Parliament in Brussels and the UK Parliament in London. Dr. Leukavets has published in, among other outlets, New Perspectives, Ibidem Verlag, Caucasus Survey, Belarus Digest and Russian Analytical Digest.

    Alla Leukavets

    Alla Leukavets

    George F. Kennan Fellow;
    Independent researcher
    The Wilson fellowship is a great opportunity for me to join a community of outstanding scholars to receive access to the best libraries and also to broaden my research portfolio. I see it as an important step in my career to advance myself as an expert in this field and also to help promote democracy in Belarus and around the globe.