Andrey Medvedev is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences and legal counsel of a foreign trade company. He teaches courses on comparative law. Andrey started his career in late 90s as a civil servant. He worked in the legal department during the reorganization of RAO UES. In mid 2000s he was Certified as a Tax Consultant. In 2006-2008 he worked on postgraduate studies at the Russian School for Private Law under the President of the Russian Federation, where in 2009 and 2012 he has been a lecturer. Andrey held a judicial clerkship in the Supreme Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court of the Russian Federation and was a Visiting Scholar at UNIDROIT (Rome), MGIMO (Moscow) and CEURUS (Tartu).

Project Summary

Andrey Medvedev plans to conduct research on history and doctrinal foundations of American corporate law on issues, relevant to reforming corporate legislation in developing countries.

Major Publications

"Unlimited Liability of a Corporation" // Zakon, Moscow, 2011, 11, ISSN 0869-4400

"Contingent Fees in the Russian Federation" // RCEEL (Review of Central and East European Law), Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden, 2008, 2, ISSN 0925-9880

"English Companies of the Period before Free Incorporation (1720-1825)" // Proceedings of the Institute of State and Law RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences), Moscow, 2013 (in publication), ISSN 2073–4522