Property Rights and Wrongs In Russia Today | Wilson Center
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Property Rights and Wrongs In Russia Today

The protection of property rights remains one of the most contentious issues in present-day Russia. From historically weak ownership rights to unclear laws to the reliance on offshore accounts, Russian property rights consistently seem to be under threat. This panel discussed historical, legal, and political attempts to enforce property rights and why this issue continues to be so controversial today.


  • Andrey Medvedev

    Public Policy Scholar/Yegor Gaidar Fellow
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences; Legal Counsel, OOO Dental Import
  • William E. Pomeranz

    Deputy Director, Kennan Institute
  • Matthew Rojansky

    Director, Kennan Institute
  • Maxim Trudolyubov

    Senior Advisor; Editor-in-Chief, Russia File
    Editor-at-Large, Vedomosti Daily