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Antonina Gorbunova

Professional affiliation

Executive Director, The Union of Indigenous Peoples “SOYUZ” (KMNSOYUZ)

Full Biography

Antonina Gorbunova was born and grew up in the Arctic, on the Kanin Peninsula (Russia). Her nationality is Nenets; it’s a small-numbered Indigenous People living in the North-West of Russia. Antonina works as a lawyer in the sphere of human rights protection. At the moment she is a member and executive director of the interregional public organization “The Union of Indigenous Peoples “SOYUZ” (KMNSOYUZ).” Antonina travels a lot to different Russian regions and meets representatives from many Indigenous communities. She knows the everyday life of Indigenous Peoples from personal and from professional points of view. Her research activities are also interrelated with indigenous issues: indigenous law, reindeer herding and climate change, traditional lifestyle and some others.

Antonina is an active participant of such international fora as sessions of the UN Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.