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Baskara T. Wardaya

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Director, PUSdEP (Center for History and Political Ethics), Sanata Dharma University

Full Biography

     Dr. Baskara T. Wardaya, S.J. graduated from the Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat (Institute of Philosophy) "Driyarkara," Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1986. In 1995, he received a Master's degree and in 2001 his Doctoral degree in history from Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI.  In 2004-2005, he was granted a Fulbright Scholarship to do post-doctoral research in History in the US. From 2003-2009, he was the Director of Sanata Dharma University's Graduate Program.  Currently, Dr. Wardaya teaches courses at Sanata Dharma University such as History, Religion and Politics; Research Methodology; Development of Cultural Studies; Undergraduate Seminar. Dr. Wardaya also teaches at the Graduate School of the Gadjah Mada State University in Yogyakarta and is Director of the PUSdEP (Pusat Sejarah dan Etika Politik / Center for History and Political Ethics).