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Benjamin Hopkins

Former Public Policy Fellow

Professional affiliation

Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, The George Washington University

Full Biography

Benjamin Hopkins is an associate professor of history and international affairs at the George Washington University. Having received his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2006, his research interests focus on Afghanistan, British imperialism and the history of the South Asian subcontinent. He has authored three books – The making of modern Afghanistan (2008); Fragments of the Afghan frontier (2012: co-authored with Magnus Marsden); and Ruling the Savage Periphery (2020) – as well as co-edited Beyond Swat (with Magnus Marsden). He is particularly interested in issues of state formation and state violence and the lasting effects of the past on the present.

Major Publications

Fragments of the Afghan Frontier (Oxford University Press 2011)

The making of modern Afghanistan (PalgraveMacmillan 2008/2012)

Beyond Swat: History, Society and Economy along the Afghanistan/Pakistan frontier (Oxford 2012)

Previous Terms

Fellow, January 5, 2015-August 21, 2015