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Boris Grozovski

Kennan Correspondent on Russian Media and Society

Professional affiliation

Journalist and public educator; author of Telegram channel EventsAndTexts

Full Biography

Boris Grozovski is a prominent Russian journalist writing about the country's economy and development. His work has appeared in Forbes Russia, InLiberty, the Moscow Times, the New Times, Vedomosti Daily, penRussia and others. In 2002-2008 and 2014-2015 held various editorial positions at Vedomosti Daily (correspondent, economics editor, opinion page editor). Since 2011 Boris Grozovsky has been involved in various education and public speaking projects. He organized public lectures and discussions, summer and winter schools for the Gaidar Foundation and the Sakharov Center. Grozovsky also worked with the Naumann Foundation, the InLiberty opinion platform, and the Moscow School of Civic Education.