Bryana is currently working towards completing a joint B.A. in international affairs and Chinese language and literature at the University of Georgia. She has studied Chinese in Beijing and Dalian, China through the Department of State's Critical Language Scholarship and was named a Chinese council scholar in 2016. She was awarded a Portuguese flagship overseas scholarship from the Department of Defense in 2017, which allowed her to spend a semester at the Federal Univeristy of São João del Rei in Minas Gerias studying Portuguese and economics and another semester interning with the Tamar Project in Espírito Santo, where she worked on sea turtle conservation and enviromental education. Bryana is a scholar with the Richard B. Russell security leadership program at the Center for International Trade and Security, where she researches security policy and non-poliferation. In addition to security issues, Bryana's interest include enviromental issues, China - Brazil relations, and human rights.