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Cassandra Pagan

Professional affiliation

Data Scientist

Full Biography

Cassandra Pagán is the author of this research and consults as the data technical expert for the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars Middle East Women’s Leadership Initiative. She has also served in this capacity in the development of the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative Index at the Wilson Center and served as the consulting data scientist for EDGE Strategy, the leading global assessment in gender equality for business. She formerly served as research lead for Digital Inclusion at the Institute for Business in the Global Context developing data toolkits including the Digital Evolution Index in collaboration with MasterCard’s Global Risks Division. In addition to her experience in research, she has worked in women’s leadership and at School of Leadership-Afghanistan in Kabul preparing teachers in STEM subjects, served as AmeriCorps Program Director for the Boston Teacher Residency and served as an AmeriCorps volunteer with Tahoe SAFE Alliance. She holds a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts and a degree in International Political Economy from the Colorado College and is currently based in São Paulo, Brazil.