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Dodge Billingsley

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Director, Combat Films and Research; Fellow, the Kennedy Center for International Studies at BYU

    Full Biography

    Billingsley, director of Combat Films and Research and fellow at the Kennedy Center for International Studies at BYU, is a long-time analyst and documentarian of contested regions. He has worked in Bosnia, Turkish Kurdistan, western China, Ghana, Brazil, Tanzania and the India-China frontier, among other regions, producing numerous documentaries, reports and books from these experiences. Billingsley’s work in Afghanistan led to the book Operation Anaconda: America’s First Conventional Battle in Afghanistan and the companion documentary film Shah I Kot: Valley Redoubt. While embedded with the U.S. Marines during the invasion of Iraq, he created the film Virgin Soldiers. His film Closing Al Asad is about the final withdrawal of U.S. forces from Al Anbar Province in 2011.