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EQUIS: Justicia para las Mujeres A.C. (EQUIS)

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    EQUIS: Justicia para las Mujeres A.C. is a feminist organization, located in Mexico City. Since 2011 EQUIS works to transform institutions, public policies, networks, and leaderships to improve access to justice for all women. EQUIS represents a young and innovative feminism, that promotes a vision of justices in a broad sense, to create new ways of approaching gender based violence. Its strategies include research, advocacy, training, network building, accompaniment of leaderships, communication, and strategic litigation. Such strategies are implemented in collaboration and dialogue with different actors, institutions, and organized groups (such as State Judicial Powers, Justice Centers for Women, municipal authorities, civil society organizations, networks, and collectives of women) under an approach that privileges knowledge exchange, dialogue, and interlocution.