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Frédérick Gagnon

Global Fellow


February 28, 2021 — February 28, 2023

Professional affiliation

Full Professor, University of Québec in Montreal; Holder, Raoul Dandurand Chair of Strategic and Diplomatic Studies


Canada-U.S. Relations, Québec-U.S. Relations, U.S. Elections, Congress, U.S. Domestic Policy, U.S. Foreign Policy

Wilson Center Projects

Canada/Québec-U.S. Relations from Donald Trump to Joe Biden

Full Biography

Frédérick Gagnon is Full Professor, Holder of the Raoul Dandurand Chair in Strategic and Diplomatic Studies, and Director of the Center for United States Studies at University of Québec in Montreal. He was Visiting Fulbright Chair at SUNY-Plattsburgh and UC Berkeley (2014-2015), Fulbright grantee at UMASS-Amherst (2005), Junior Scholar at Wilson Center’s Canada Institute and at the Center for American Politics and Citizenship of the University of Maryland (2006), and Visiting Scholar at the Center for Canadian-American Studies of Western Washington University (2008). He has published books on Donald Trump’s foreign policy, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the U.S. Congress, international relations after 9/11, Hollywood movies and the U.S. national security state, and theories of U.S. foreign policy. His articles have appeared in Foreign Policy Analysis, Canadian Review of American Studies, European Review of American Studies, Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, Québec Studies, and Politique américaine.

Previous Terms

May 2006-August 2006