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Gordon Feller

Global Fellow


May 1, 2014 — November 30, 2018

Professional affiliation

Director, Cisco Systems

Full Biography

Gordon Feller is co-founder/convenor of Meeting of the Minds, an annual leadership summit organized since 2007 by Urban Age Institute (UAI). Feller was for more than five years director at Cisco Systems headquarters in Silicon Valley. He served in an executive capacity within the company's programs focused on cities. Prior to joining Cisco, Feller was CEO of UAI, an international non-profit research/training organization which began as a magazine inside the World Bank and was spun off ten years later in 2001.
For 30 years, Feller has advised on economic and technology issues with leaders of multinational companies, cities, NGOs, foundations, and national governments. Feller advises leaders on how advanced technologies enable leaders to solve complex problems--with a special focus on developing practical and forward-looking solutions where economics, technology, and sustainability intersect.
Columbia University awarded him a Bachelor's in political science, cum laude, and a Master's in International Affairs. At Columbia he served as a Lehman Fellow, a Wallach Fellow and a Deans Fellow.