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Heba El Koudsy

Former Visiting Arab Journalist


    September 1, 2009 — November 1, 2009

    Professional affiliation

    Washington Bureau Chief, Al Sharq Al Awsat

    Wilson Center Projects

    "Democracy and the New Generation of Arab Leaders: United States Strategy towards Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Lebanon"

    Full Biography

    Heba el Koudsy is an Egyptian journalist with 20 years of experience in print media. She is currently the Al Sharq Al Awsat Washington Bureau Chief. She started her career working for Akkbar al youm newspaper and al Gomhoreyya and Al Ahram daily newspaper in Cairo, Egypt. Previously, she concentrated on women and youth issues; she also won a prize from the United Nation for her coverage on Women conference in Beking in 1995.

    In 2000 Elkoudsy started to work with Al sharq al awssat Saudi newspaper’s office in Cairo, covering international conferences, and reporting political and economic events in Egypt, specifically the National Democratic Party and the parliament election in 2005, and the presidential elections in 2006. Shortly following, she was promoted to work at al Sharq Al Awsat headquarter in London. In 2007 she broke new ground by becoming the first woman (and the youngest) to be appointed to head up the business section in a Kuwaiti newspaper (awan). In 2009, Elkoudsy worked for the Woodrow Wilson center as a scholar, writing her research work titled “Democracy as a source of tension between US and Egypt, Bush administration 2000 till 2008”