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Hussein Mubarak

    Professional affiliation

    Former Consul General of Egypt in New York; Former Ambassador to Cyprus, Arab Republic of Egypt

    Full Biography

    Ambassador Hussein Mubarak is the former Consul General of Egypt in New York and Ambassador to Cyprus. His diplomatic career spanned over 30 years in regional security, Arab American affairs and international law. He served as the minister plenipotentiary of the Egyptian embassy in Washington, DC from 2002 to 2006 and as consul general in New York from 2008-2011. He served as Director of the counter-terrorism unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he helped develop the Global Counter Terrorism Forum with a view to reducing vulnerability of people to terrorism and to prevent and prosecute terrorist acts. In 1996 he represented Egypt in the meetings of the UN Security Council and the Sanctions Committee on Iraq, which oversaw the implementation of the oil for food program. As Assistant Foreign Minister he represented Egypt in several key meetings on delimitation of the maritime borders with Greece and turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the negotiations on the Ethiopian Renaissance dam. He was a member of the Egyptian legal delegation in the Taba case with Israel. He received degree in international law from UC Berkley.