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Igor Torbakov

Former Short-Term Scholar


    April 1, 2006 — May 1, 2006

    Professional affiliation

    Anaylist, EURASIANET, Open Society Institute, New York

    Wilson Center Projects

    Reconceptualizing Nationa and National History: George Vernadsky, Eurasianism, and History of Ukraine

    Previous Terms

    Regional Exchange Grant - "Managing the Decolonization of the Soviet Empire: A Case Study of Russian-Ukrainian Relations": Studies the collapse of the Soviet Union and the conseqences for global security, based on the conception of the Soviet Union as a historical continuum of Russian imperialism. Looks at the relations today between Russia and the former Soviet Republics as a process of decolonization, to be compared with similar processes in other empires. Examines the dangers and prospects of decolonizaion, providing recommendations on how to manage decolonization and ensure the sovereignty of the new States.