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Irene Kyriakopoulos

Public Policy Scholar


    September 1, 2011 — March 26, 2012

    Professional affiliation

    Distinguished Professor of National Security Policy, Dept. of Economics, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University

    Wilson Center Projects

    “Europe’s Debt Crisis: What is the Future of Economic Integration?”

    Full Biography

    Irene Kyriakopoulos, PhD, is Distinguished Professor of National Security Policy, Department of Economics, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University.  She teaches Economics of National Security Strategy, Economics of Industry, and Political Economy of the European Union.  She has served as Chair, Department of Economics; Course Director, Economics of National Security Strategy; and Course Director, European Union - Europe Regional Security Studies Program. Past appointments include: Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council of the United States; Public Policy Scholar, Wilson Center; Research Associate, The Brookings Institution; and Associate Professor of Economics, The George Washington University. 

    Kyriakopoulos has lectured and written widely on the economic dimensions of international security and European economic integration. Her publications include “EMU Governance: a Post-Crisis Assessment” (forthcoming in World Economy); “After Expansion: Europe in Disunion?” (Mediterranean Quarterly, Winter 2004);  "Economic Integration as a Model for Security Cooperation”, in Reiner K. Huber and Rudolf Avenhaus, editors, Models for SecurityPolicy in the Post-Cold War Era (Nomos, 2000); and Trouble in Paradise?  Europe in the 21st Century (with Steven P. Kramer; National Defense University Press, 1996).  

    Her current research focuses on Europe’s debt crisis and its implications for economic integration.  A native of Athens, Greece, Kyriakopoulos holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of Maryland and M.A. and PhD degrees, also in economics, from The George Washington University.