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Janusz Janiszewski

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Chief Executive Officer, Polish Air Navigation Services Agency

Full Biography

Janusz Janiszewski is a graduate of the War Studies University (formerly AON) in the field of Air Traffic Management, he also completed economic studies in Wrocław.

Prior to CEO appointment Janusz Janiszewski worked as Acting Director for Strategy and International Affairs at PANSA where he was responsible for delivering the Agency’s key objectives within the Single European Sky framework. His day-to-day work required comprehension of the EU and national regulatory environment, sound knowledge in economic and financial fields, as well as an understanding of current and future investment needs of the Agency. One of his main achievements in this position was coordination of PANSA team in the process of successful revision of the cost-efficiency target for Poland in the Performance Plan of the Baltic FAB for 2015-2019.

Janusz Janiszewski joined PANSA in 1999 and since then has been working as an air traffic controller (Area Control) in Warsaw FIR. Thanks to his operational background and experience in leading operational projects, he is able to understand and oversee complex end-to-end processes in ATM industry. Due to his experience and expertise, in March 2018 Janusz Janiszewski was appointed as Member of the Advisory Committee for the Central Transport Hub in Poland.

As the President of PANSA, Janusz Janiszewski will specifically focus on strengthening PANSA’s position in Europe, delivering balanced solutions for the future and effective communication with its team and aviation stakeholders.

In November 2019 Janusz Janiszewski was appointed as a member of Network Management Board. Then in December 2019 officially took over the chairmanship of the A6 Alliance – a group of the largest European air navigation service providers, including those from Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and others. During the one-year term as the Chairman of the A6 Steering Board, Janusz Janiszewski coordinates the work on developing joint positions of the A6 Alliance. And this year will be even more important in the light of the currently discussed revision of the Single European Sky legislation package.