Professor Chen is Dean of the Graduate School of Financial Management at the CTBC Financial Management College in Taiwan, where he teaches courses in finance and economics. He is an advisor to Taiwan’s Executive Yuan, Taipei City Government, and Taichung City Government. He is also an Independent Director of Taiwan Financial Holding Co. Ltd., the largest state owned company in banking, securities, and insurance. He also served as the Director-General of the Finance Department of Yulin County Government.

Project Summary

The study will discuss the impact on regional security in Asia under the new U.S. administration. Specifically, the study plans to evaluate the effects of U.S. foreign policy on U.S.-Taiwan economic and security cooperation and U.S.-China-Taiwan relations. Additionally, the research paper will also focus on economic policies of the new administration, especially the development of U.S. trade policy towards Taiwan and China.

Major Publications

  • 1. Chen, Jinji (2017) “Announcement Effects on M&As Within Financial Holdings and With Third Parties,” The Empirical Economics Letters, forthcoming.
  • 2. Lu, Tsung-Hsun, Yi-Chi Chen, and Jinji Chen (2016) “Can Opening Prices Create Value for Investors in Taiwan?” Advances in Financial Planning & Forecasting
  • 3. Chen, Jinji, ed., New Blue Print and New Path—Taiwan’s New Economic Model Initiative (Yunchen Culture: 2016).