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John A. Rupp

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Associate Professor, Paul H. O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University

Full Biography

John Rupp is a clinical associate professor at the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs with experience in energy systems including fossil fuels, renewables, and transmission/distribution systems. His research lies in geological sequestration, unconventional oil and gas development, and public policy of energy development. He also serves as the associate director for science with the Center for Research in Energy and the Environment.

His teaching includes graduate courses in Renewable and Nuclear Energy Systems; Energy Systems and Analysis; Natural Gas: Technical and Policy Challenges; Global Energy Issues from an International Relations Perspective; and numerous Capstone courses. Capstones include work for the state public utility commission, energy think tanks, industry, and utilities.

Recent Capstones have included:

  • Enhanced Renewables in the State/RTO Nexus: A Heartland Case Study Renewable (2021)
  • Energy Policy Recommendations for the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission: A Scenario Evaluation Approach (2020)
  • Hoosier Energy – Fully Charged: An Outlook of Influential Policies and Technologies for Energy Storage (2019)
  • Electrical Charging Infrastructure for Fleet Applications: Analysis of Policy Landscape (2019)
  • Emerging Policy and Technology Advances on the Resiliency of Hoosier Energy: Assessment of Potential Impacts (2018)
  • Clean Power Plan Compliance Options for Hoosier Energy (2016)
  • Challenges from Natural Gas Supply and Demand Growth in Transportation and Electrical Generation, Spring (2013)
  • Underground Coal Gasification (2012)

Previously, Rupp has been Senior Research Scientist at the Indiana Geological Survey, a production geologist for Exxon Co. USA in Midland, Texas, an assistant geologist for Consolidated Resources of America in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a mineral exploration geologist with Salisbury & Dietz Co. in Spokane, Washington.