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Josiane Atallah

Agents of Change Youth Fellow

Professional affiliation

Senior Partnership Officer, International Rescue Committee

Localizing Climate Action: Government and Humanitarian Sector Support for Scaling Local Prevention, Education and Response to Climate Risks


Forced Displacement, Humanitarian Response, International Development

Full Biography

Josiane Atallah is a passionate advocate for community-led, sustainable development and education. She earned her Masters in International Relations from Syracuse University, NY, in Development and Humanitarian Assistance, with a certificate in Middle East Affairs and a certificate in Conflict and Collaboration. She is a recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. Currently, she is working with the International Rescue Committee as a Senior Partnership Officer in Lebanon working to advance IRC's partnership and localization ambitions. In her previous roles, she has supported youth in over 20 countries in creating solutions that enable their communities to thrive as a mentor and a trainer and has worked as a consultant and researcher for the International Rescue Committee, Council of Europe, and Restless Development. She has spoken on multiple panels on education, global citizenship, and developmental reform with the Union for the Mediterranean, OECD, Teach for All, and Erasmus.