Kayly Ober is a program assistant for the Environmental Change and Security Program. Her interests lie in women's roles in peacebuilding and peacekeeping, post-conflict land use, migration, and Latin America, particularly the Andes and Southern Cone. She often writes on these topics for ECSP's award-winning blog New Security Beat. She is also a regular contributor at Towards Recognition, a blog that analyzes the environment and climate change's impact on migration patterns. Before joining the Wilson Center, she interned with the Electricity Governance Initiative at the World Resources Institute for several semesters and served as an administrative and program assistant at the International Labor Rights Forum. While studying abroad in Santiago, Chile, she assisted newly arrived refugees with the Catholic Church of Santiago, La Vicaria de Pastoral Social y de los Trabajadores. Kayly holds a BA in international studies, with a focus in international development and Latin America, from American University. She is fluent in Spanish.

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New Security Beat

Towards Recognition