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Larisa Deriglazova

Former Fulbright Scholar


    March 1, 2009 — September 1, 2009

    Professional affiliation

    Professor, Department of World Politics; Head, Centre for European Studies; and Head, Master Degree Program on EU Studies, Tomsk State University, Russia

    Full Biography

    Larisa Deriglazova is a professor at Department of World Politics, Head of Centre for European Studies and Head of Master Degree Program on EU Studies at Tomsk State University, Russia. Her main areas of expertise are international conflicts and European Union studies. Larisa had a Kennan-Fulbright Fellowship at Wilson Center for International Scholars in 2009. Larisa had internships and long-time cooperation with Oxford University and Kent University in UK, Free University of Brussels and KU Leaven in Belgium, Giessen University and University of Gottingen in Germany, Siena University in Italy, Tampere University in Finland, Stockholm University in Sweden and more. She has been Jean Monnet Chair, 2012-2015, and Head of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, 2015-2018. Her publications with overall number of 150 include Great Power, Small Wars: Asymmetric Conflict since 1945 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014); Nuclear Non-proliferation. Teaching manual. (ed., Tomsk State University Press, 2017); “Still Looking for a Partnership? EU-Russia Cooperation in the Field of Higher Education” in Journal of Contemporary European Studies. 2019. Vol. 27, № 1 (with Makinen S.); “Russia and the European Union in Eulerian Circles of “Europe” in Russia in Global Affairs. 2018. #4; How much ‘Europeaness’ remains in Russia? In Anthropological Journal of European Cultures. Vol. 26, No. 1 (2017).