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Marcel Garboś

Former Title VIII Research Fellow


    January 1, 2023 — August 31, 2023
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    Wilson Center Projects

    "Russia’s Federalist Imagination: Imperial crisis and the making of multinational order in modern Eurasia, 1889 to the present"

    Full Biography

    Marcel Radosław Garboś is a historian of social and political thought in the late Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, with broad interests in the comparative history of empires and visions of post-imperial order in the modern world. In 2021, Marcel completed his doctorate in the History Department at Harvard University, where he wrote a dissertation on projects for the geopolitical reorganization of the imperial Russian and Soviet spaces that developed across revolutionary networks in the Eurasian borderlands between the late nineteenth century and the Second World War. His current research investigates the international origins of federalist thought and politics in the Russian Empire, focusing on non-Bolshevik socialist movements that led the struggle for post-imperial decentralization on the eve of the October Revolution and beyond. Marcel’s other ongoing pursuits include a genealogy of cross-border weaponized nationalism in the interwar Soviet Union and the Second Polish Republic as well as an inquiry into the transnational formation of concepts of property, territory, and nationhood in the Russian, German, and Austro-Hungarian borderlands before the First World War. Marcel has previously served as a visiting professor at Columbia University, while his work has appeared in Europe-Asia StudiesHarvard ReviewRocznik Przemyski, and The Slavonic and East European Review.