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Maria Ivanova



    June 1, 2009 — May 1, 2010

    Professional affiliation

    Assistant Professor of Government and Environmental Policy, The College of William and Mary

    Wilson Center Projects

    "Changing Course: Reclaiming US Environmental Leadership"

    Full Biography

    Dr. Maria Ivanova is Assistant Professor of Government and Environmental Policy at The College of William and Mary and the Director of the Global Environmental Governance (GEG) Project at the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy. Her research focuses on global environmental governance, the effectiveness of the United Nations, and the role of the United States in international environmental affairs. Her recent work analyzes the history and performance of the international environmental architecture with a focus on the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the evolution of US international environmental policy. Maria's research and teaching also include campus sustainability with an eye toward creating appropriate governance frameworks for higher education institutions including faculty, staff, and students. A Bulgarian national, Maria holds Master's degrees in international relations and environmental management and a Ph.D. in international environmental policy from Yale University. She has worked at the Environment Directorate of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris and at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in Stockholm on water quality standards and environmental regulatory reform in Russia. She is the co-editor of "Global Environmental Governance: Options & Opportunities" (with Daniel Esty) and author and co-author of articles and chapters on governance, globalization, and the environment. Recently, she assisted with the conceptualization, drafting and dissemination of a volume on "Global Environmental Governance: Perspectives on the Current Debate" published by the Center for UN Reform Education. Maria Ivanova teaches undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses in Global Environmental Governance, International Organizations, Climate Change, Environmental Diplomacy, and Campus Sustainability and was recognized as Professor of the Year in 2007 by student society Members XIII.


    Bachelor's of Arts, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Mount Holyoke College; Master's of Arts in International Relations, Yale University; Master's in Environmental Management, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; Ph.D., Yale University


    Assistant Professor of Government and Environmental Policy, the College of William and Mary, 2005-present
    Appointments in Department of Government (primary), Environmental Science and Policy Program, Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy, and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS)
    Director, Global Environmental Governance Project, Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, 1997-present
    Project Manager, Environment Directorate, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris, France, 1999-2000
    Project Manager, International Secretariat, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Stockholm, Sweden, May-September 1997 and 1998


    International Relations; Global Environmental Governance; Climate Change Governance; International Environmental Law; United Nations; Organizational Effectiveness; Campus Sustainability

    Major Publications

    • Global Environmental Governance: Options & Opportunities (edited with Daniel C. Esty). New Haven, CT: Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. 2002. Translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil - Governança Ambiental Global: Opções & Oportunidades (2005)
    • "UNEP in Global Environmental Governance: Design, Leadership, Location," in Global Environmental Politics, Vol. 8, Issue 1, forthcoming.
    • "Reclaiming U.S. Leadership in Global Environmental Governance," (with Daniel C. Esty) in The SAIS Review of International Affairs, Vol. XXVIII, Issue 2, Summer-Fall 2008, pp. 57-75.