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Meghan Fitzpatrick

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Defence Research and Development Canada

Full Biography

Dr. Meghan Fitzpatrick is a Strategic Analyst with Defence Research and Development Canada and an Adjunct Professor of War Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. Specializing in military mental health and resilience, her work has appeared in such distinguished publications as Oxford University’s Social History of Medicine and Taylor & Francis’ War & Society. She is also the author of Invisible Scars: Mental Trauma in the Korean War (2017). In addition, she has spoken at numerous international conferences, including as a keynote speaker for International Military Testing Association. Dr. Fitzpatrick’s current research looks at how military forces navigate and respond to the increasing complexity of the modern operational environment, including building resilience on an individual and organizational level. Since joining DRDC, she has received recognition for this work, including the Centre for Operational Research and Analysis Award for Outstanding Achievement in Defence Analysis (2020).