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Mikhail Savva

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Professor and Chairman of the Board, "Sova Expert Group" (Kyiv); member of the Expert Council, Center for Civil Liberties (Kyiv)

    Full Biography

    Mikhail Savva is a doctor of political science and professor. He is also chairman of the board of a nonprofit organization Expert Group “Owl” (Ukraine) and a Member of the Expert Council of the Center for Civil Liberties (Ukraine). He is a Board Member of Ukrainian Evaluation Association (Ukraine) and an expert of the Center for Russian Studies and a Member of the Public Council of the House of Free Russia (Kyiv). He is a Russian citizen with refugee status in Ukraine. 

    Dr. Savva has written about 180 scientific works in Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, English on migration, ethnology, ethnic conflicts, separatism, interaction between government and civil society, political repressions, including the monographs:

    • “Ethnic Status (conflictological analysis of social phenomenon)”, Krasnodar, 1997.
    • “Krasnodar krai: model of ethnological monitoring” (in collaboration), Moscow, 1998.
    • “Press, power and ethnic conflict (relationship on the example of the Krasnodar krai). Krasnodar. 2002.
    • “New diasporas of Krasnodar region (rights, interests, dynamics of integration and perception of the local community)”. Krasnodar. 2006 (MacArthur Foundation grant № 04-81333-000-GSS).

    Other publications include:

    • Valerii A. Tishkov, Mikhail V. Savva Civil Society Institutions and Peacemaking//Anthropology & archeology of Eurasia. Vol. 49, No. 4 (Spring 2011), pp. 12–39. ISSN 1061–1959/2011.
    • Savva Mikhail Ethnic relations in the Northern Caucasus: conflict potential// Central Asia and the Caucasus. №3 (27). 2004. Sweden.
    • Savva M. Separatism in modern Russia: activity, classification, forecast// Kobe Gakuin economic papers. December 2019. Vol. 51. # 3. P. 27 – 44.  
    • One of the authors of the training manual "Monitoring and evaluation: For what? How? What is the result?", Kiev, 2018
    • One of the authors of the training manual "Monitoring and Evaluation for Beginners", Lviv, "Lion Partnership", 2020.

    Professional membership:

    • The participant international (including in Ukraine, Italy, Canada, Germany, USA, Armenia, Austria, Switzerland, France, Uzbekistan, Egypt), the All-Russian, regional scientific conferences.
    • Expert of the international Network of ethnological monitoring and early prevention of the conflicts (EAWARN) 2004 – 2013, author of publications in EAWARN collections of materials.
    • Municipal adviser of the 1st class (Russian Federation).
    • The Honorary Professor of the Kuban state university (Krasnodar, Russia).
    • The vice-chairman of Council at the head of administration of Krasnodar Krai on assistance to development of civil society and human rights (2005 – 2012).
    • The vice-chairman of the Public advisory board at Federal Migration Service Management (Krasnodar Krai).
    • The vice-chairman of the Public supervisory commission on Krasnodar region (2010 – 2013).