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Murad Ismael

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Co-Founder and President of Sinjar Academy; Co-Founder and Former Director of Yazda

Full Biography

Murad Ismael is a Yazidi from Sinjar, he finished his school in Iraqi Kurdistan and holds two masters in Environmental engineering and Geophysics from the Norwich University and University of Houston, respectively. Murad was part of a group of Yazidi delegation to held high-level meetings with representatives at the White House when ISIS carried out a genocidal attack against the Yazidi minority in 2014 and co-founded Sinjar Crisis Management Team. This resulted in the US intervention to authorize airstrikes targeted at ISIS locations and humanitarian airdrops to the thousands of Yazidis that were trapped on Mount Sinjar. Murad has been traveling around the world to create awareness of the Yazidi case. Murad is co-founder and president of Sinjar Academy, a new educational initiative, he also co-founded Yazda organization and Nadia Initiative and served as Yazda’s executive director for four years.