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Noha Alkamcha

    Professional affiliation

    MENA Director, Vital Voices Global Partnerships

    Full Biography

    Noha Alkamcha is a governance advisor, development consultant and a women’s rights advocate who has worked with diverse entities and communities on organizational development, capacity building and policy advocacy. Since 2011, Noha co-founded and supported civil society organizations, development and governance institutions and numerous social justice initiatives that have mostly emerged post Arab spring in the MENA region.

    Currently, Noha is MENA Director at Vital Voices Global Partnerships, where she manages all MENA region initiatives. At Vital Voices, most recently, Noha co-organized, and was the project manager for, the campaign that aimed at removing the Islamic Republic of Iran from the UN-Commission on the Status of women (CSW) in light of the women-led pro-democracy movement in Iran.

    Prior to that, Noha was the team lead of a project that focused on the evacuation and resettlement of 1000 Afghan women academics, judges, parliamentarians, and other highly targeted women following the full control of Kabul by the Taliban. In 2020, Noha also served as the team lead for the Strategic Syria Gender Analysis Study commissioned by the International Rescue Committee. In a prior post, Noha was the Chief Organizer for the Syrian Civil Society Declaration Initiative based in Gaziantep, Turkey, which worked with over 300 Syrian CSOs to develop a common political vision of the role of civil society and a unified platform that facilitated the participation in the Geneva peace talks.

     Noha holds a Masters degree in Social Justice and Community Development from Loyola University in Chicago, and is currently working on her second Masters in Global Diplomacy at SOAS, University of London.