Dr. Ousola Isola is a Senior Research Fellow with the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies at the University of Ibadan. He was previously a journalist and communication consultant. He has held various academic responsibility positions in his university, including being Sub-Dean and Postgraduate of his institute. He has published several books and journal articles. He is married with three children.

Project Summary

The research intends to investigate the nature of hate speeches that occur during elections in African countries and how it often impact on peacebuilding activities at post-election period. It would interrogate how the same experience in the USA has not shaken the very foundation of democracy and developmental processes and how the civil society and institution has contributed to the resilience of democratic institutions that has prevented it from being affected in spite of the pressure exerted by hate communication that accompanied elections. How African countries can borrow from this experience will be explored.

Major Publications

Mass Media and Election Violence: 1965 and 1983 Experiences in Western Nigeria
Journalism Practice and Terrorism in Nigeria: Issues, Trends and Techniques
Trends and Consequences of Terrorist Attacks on the Media in Nigeria