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Rosane Cuber Guimarães

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Vice-Director of Quality, Bio-Manguinhos

Full Biography

Rosane Cuber Guimarães has a PhD in Sanitary Surveillance by the National Institute of Quality Control in Health (INCQS/Fiocruz) and Master in Biochemistry from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). She has specializations in Molecular Biology from the University of Brasilia (Brasília), Production Engineering with an emphasis on productivity and quality by the National Institute of Technology (INT) and Industrial management of immunobiological by Coppe/UFRJ. Graduated in biomedicine from Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ).

Rosane is a member of the Technical Committee of Biological Products of the Brazilian Pharmacopeia and an active member of de PDA Regulatory and Quality Advisory Board (PDA- RAQAB)

In Bio-Manguinhos since 2000, she has experience in collective health, with emphasis on public health, acting mainly in the following themes: quality, best practices, development of viral vaccines, yellow fever vaccine, vegetable platforms, Regulation and Biosafety. She is currently the Deputy Director of Quality of Bio-Manguinhos/Fiocruz.