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Rossana Fuentes-Berain

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Founder & Director, Mexico Media Lab S21

Full Biography

Rossana co-founded Mexico Media Lab in September 2016 upon seeing and conceptualizing the challenges of the 21st century. As a digital immigrant and ferocious reader, she combines her research passion with her skill to narrate and design scenarios. Rossana offers the necessary questions and new points of view to leaders, companies, governments and institutions with stories and actions that favor and facilitate the adaptation to the digital habitat of today’s world. She hold an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications from the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico (UAM) and a doctorate in Rights to Information - a joint program of the University of West Navarra (UAdeO) and Iberoamericana. She has a masters in International Journalism from the University of Southern California (USC) and in Theater from the Mountview Theatre School in London. Passionate about the seventh art, she also did postgraduate studies in Film History and Aesthetics from the Sorbonne University of Paris. She writes about a diverse set of topics: from the Mexican peso crisis in 1994, the Mexican debt crisis in the 80s to international issues and policy issues and disruptions technology makes in everyday lives and across industries.

She is the coauthor of various books such as Networked Readiness: Latin America's Last Train.” Her book “Oro Gris: Zambrano, la gesta de Cemex y la globalización en México”, a biography of Lorenzo Zambrano, is one of the highest selling business books by Aguilar Editorial. In 2015 she published the book "México 2020: Dale clic a tu futuro" where she identifies how Mexico needs to bet on the digital revolution for the future of their country. In addition to her work as CEO of Mexico Media Lab, she gives speeches, works in strategic planning for Latin America and Mexico, and is writing her first novel.