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Sandra Romandía Vega

Professional affiliation

Investigative Journalist and Editorial Director, Emeequis and Opinión 51

Full Biography

Sandra Romandia is a journalist with experience in digital and traditional media, coordinator of investigative journalism teams on issues such as drug trafficking, corruption, and human rights violations. She is editorial director of the investigative journalism magazine Emeequis and editorial director of Opinion 51. She has a weekly column in the Mexican newspaper, El Universal and is a contributor to The Washington Post Opinion. She has been director of La Silla Rota, one of the most widely read media outlets in Mexico. She was coordinator of investigative reporting at Televisa, with Denise Maerker, and editor of the newspaper El Universal. She has given workshops on journalistic entrepreneurship, investigation, narco-politics, and social networks in Mexico and Central America. She is co-author of "NARCO CDMX," published by Penguin Random House; of "Los 12 más pobres," published by Planeta; and coordinator of the book Periodismo de Investigacion en el Ambito Local, published by INAI. In 2020 she received the Maria Moors Cabot Fellowship from Columbia University, New York, for the Sulzberger program, with topics on the journalism industry and business in the media. She was named a Runner Up by the International Women's Forum Media, in partnership with The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.