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Shanna Tova O’Reilly

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Senior Global Practice Specialist, Development Alternatives, Inc.

Full Biography

Shanna Tova O’Reilly is Senior Development Practitioner at the Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI). In her current position, Tova O’Reilly focuses on new businesses and technical oversight of DAI’s work on violence prevention through a public health lens, the rule of law, police and justice reform, and countering violent extremism. Prior to joining DAI, Tova O’Reilly led two complex justice reform efforts—the first strengthened police and citizen relations through community policing in Bangladesh, and the second enhanced crime prevention by justice officials working with at-risk Caribbean youth. However, her true passion for development began while living with and learning from indigenous communities in the rural villages of Mexico’s sparsely governed northern border. Many of the projects she launched at the time laid a foundation for strengthening citizen engagement in an environment of increasing violence, resulting from the escalating drug war and trafficking taking place across the region. Tova O’Reilly holds an M.A. in International Development and Economics from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.