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The Challenges of Honduran Police Reform: A Report from the National Police Reform and Purge Commission

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After numerous high-profile cases of police abuse and corruption, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández turned to a group of civil society representatives and notables to form a police reform and purge commission.  Since its inception in 2016, the Commission has taken action against nearly 2,500 police beginning at the highest ranks first.  With their mandate renewed, the Commission will continue the purge process and refocus its efforts on the urgent need for reform.  On February 22, members of the Commission discussed their progress in reform efforts, and an independent policing expert provided commentary.


Photo Credit: Zack Clark / Wikimedia Commons



  • Eric L. Olson

    Director of the Central America-D.C. Platform, Seattle International Foundation


  • Carlos Hernández

    Executive Secretary, Association for a More Just Society (Chapter of Transparency International in Honduras)
  • Jorge Machado

    Evangelical Fraternity of Honduras
  • Vilma Morales

    Former President, Supreme Court of Honduras
  • Omar Rivera

    Coordinator of Advocacy, Alliance for Peace and Justice in Honduras
  • Shanna Tova O’Reilly

    Senior Global Practice Specialist, Development Alternatives, Inc.