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Sophia Hahn

    Professional affiliation

    Student, Yale University

    Full Biography

    Sophia Hahn, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, is an undergraduate student at Yale University majoring in Global Affairs and Germanic Studies. Her interests within her two concentrations of study include the security concerns and threats from the rise of Neo-Nazi movements in Europe, the on-going war in Ukraine, as well as German critical thought and Cold War German history.

    After graduation, Sophia is looking to complete a master’s degree in either in global policy or conflict studies, as she seeks to expand upon her interests in international security and European politics.

    Outside of the classroom, Sophia is a two-time member of the United States U23 National Rowing team and an active member of Yale Women’s Crew. In her free time, Sophia enjoys learning languages, traveling, watching movies, reading, going on runs with her sister and spending time with friends and family.

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