Mr. Tero Vauraste, 52, is the owner and President of Mariadi ltd. an international strategic, Arctic and maritime consultancy agency Helsinki, Finland. He has served as CEO of Arctia, a polar maritime services company with 11 icebreakers in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Ocean. He has been the CEO of Hertz Car Rental in Finland and SVP of Ground Handling with Finnair. He has served in various executive positions in the security industry. He has served as a vessel master, special unit commander and as a SAR instructor in Finnish Coast Guard. He has served in the Executive Committee of the Arctic Economic Council since its’ establishment in 2014 being the Chairman 2016-2018 and is currently a Vice Chairman. He is a member of the Finland-China innovation Committee. He is the Chairman of Finnish Arctic Society and a member of Advisory Board of Finnish Lifeboat Institution. He has various other positions of trust. He has provided many papers and articles considering Arctic developments. He is a well-known speaker in the international Arctic fora. He has an active sports background.


Project Summary

The Arctic holds a vast investment and business potential. Temperatures rise with a double-triple pace compared to global average. Ice and permafrost are melting, Simultaneously, indigenous and local interests are a major part of the development. Global interests in the Arctic have jumped into a new level, whereas trade wars, protectionism and sanctions slow down sustainable development of the Arctic. What is the future role of international trade collaboration in the Arctic? What kind of free trade arrangements would benefit the Arctic? How can we ensure, that the potential is developed with right selections and in a sustainable manner? How can we best inform the decision makers to ensure peace and stability in the Arctic? How to urge climate actions which are most essential to the Arctic? What roles different international coalitions and organizations will play?

Major Publications

Connecting the Arctic

The Arctic in World Affairs: A North Pacific Dialogue on Building Capacity for a Sustainable Arctic in a Changing Global Order (2017 North Pacific Arctic Conference Series)

Arctic Yearbook 2018 Preface