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Will Ferroggiaro

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Consultant, Conflict, Governance, and Media

    Full Biography

    Mr. Will Ferroggiaro is a democracy, rights, and governance consultant focusing on media and conflict. Most recently, as Mercy Corps’ specialist for peace & technology, he produced frameworks and policy briefs for analyzing and responding to social media and conflict, co-authored the working group paper Social Media, Conflict, and Peacebuilding, and advised programs in Iraq, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Earlier, as Internews’ conflict and media lead, he co-authored guidance used for USAID’s atrocity prevention guide and developed a toolkit for journalists reporting during mass atrocities. Mr. Ferroggiaro has been a consultant for the UN on hate speech and for the OSCE on media and radicalization, while for PeaceTech Lab, he co-designed hate speech lexicons on Sudan, Nigeria, and other countries. He has presented his research in UN, government, and civil society fora, and he participates in the Prevention and Protection Working Group and the Wilson Center’s Sudans Working Group.