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A New Dawn for Kenya: A Report on the Kenyan Referendum

Margaret Wamuyu Muthee
Muthee is a trained Social Scientist with eight years experience in research, policy analysis, project planning and management amounting from various assignments in different work areas. Her key areas of interest are: poverty, health, governance, organisational management, human rights and gender.

Is EITI Another Western Agenda?

Uche Igwe
Experience has increasingly shown that the abundance of natural resources does not necessarily produce rapid development in countries where they are found. Instead, paradoxically, they all too often produce poverty, conflict and corruption whose consequences become increasingly widespread and impact development, not only in the country in question, but more broadly in an interconnected world. The rapidly globalizing world means that these consequences transcend boundaries and threaten stability of both the developed and developing world. It is therefore common sense that a search for the reversal of this disturbing trend becomes a global collective.

Africa: In Search of Good Governance

Uche Igwe
A thematic collection from Igwe on Africa's needs and current events.

Muslim Women's Rights in Northern Nigeria

Olufemi Vaughan and Suraiya Zubair Banu
A fresh perspective on the inter-relatedness of historical, social, political, and religious issues in Nigeria and how they underpin the development and implementation of policies in the northern region of Nigeria concerning gender and Islam.

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