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Table of Contents

New Evidence on the End of the Cold War
  • New Evidence on the Soviet Factor in the Peaceful Revolutions of 1989 By Vladislav M. Zubok
  • One the Eve: A Glimpse Inside the Politburo at the End of 1988 
  • The Tbilisi Massacre, April 1989: Documents 
  • Soviet Approaches to Eastern Europe at the Beginning of 1989 By Jacques Lévesque 
  • The Political Transition in Hungary, 1989-90 By Csaba Békés and Melinda Kalmár 
  • Hungarian Secret Police Memorandum, May 1989
  • Poland 1986-1989: From “Cooptation” to “Negotiated Revolution” By Pawel Machcewicz 
  • The Fall of the Wall: The Unintended Dissolution of East Germany’s Ruling Regime By Hans-Hermann Hertle 
  • 1989: Bulgarian Transition to Pluralist Democracy By Jordan Baev 
  • Czechoslovak November 1989 By Oldrich Tuma 
  • Czechoslovak Regime Documents on the Velvet Revolution 
  • “We Are the Opponents of Violence ... We Want to Live as Dignifed and Free People” 
  • The Last Days of a Dictator By Mircea Munteanu 
  • At Historic Crossroads: Documents on the December 1989 Malta Summit 
New Evidence on the Cold War in Asia
  • The Khrushchev-Mao Conversations, 31 July-3 August 1958 and 2 October 1959 By Vladislav M. Zubok
  • Le Duan and the Break with China Introduction by Stein Tønnesson 
  • Document: “Comrade B on the Plot of the Reactionary Chinese Clique Against Vietnam Translated and Annotated by Christopher E. Goscha
New Evidence on Cold War Military History
  • Planning for Nuclear War: The Czechoslovak War Plan of 1964 By Petr Lûnák
  • “Operation Atom” The Soviet Union’s Stationing of Nuclear Missiles in the German Democratic Republic, 1959 By Matthias Uhl and Vladimir I. Ivkin 
New Evidence on the Iran Crisis 1945-46
  • From the Baku Archives 
New Evidence from the Former Yugoslav Archives
  • The Tito-Khrushchev Correspondence, 1954 
Research Notes and Conference Reports
  • The Moldovan Communist Party Archives By Jim Hershberg 
  • Moldova, Romania and the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia By Mark Kramer 
  • The Sino-Soviet Alliance: New Publications By David Wolff 
  • Policymakers and the Cold War’s End: Micro and Macro Assessments of Contingency By Richard K. Herrman and Richard Ned Lebow 
  • Conference on Cold War Endgame By Fred I. Greenstein and William C. Wohlforth 
  • New Evidence on China, Southeast Asia and the Vietnam War: Conference Report By Priscilla Roberts
  • Update on the Stasi Archives By Gary Bruce 
  • Western Intelligence Gathering and the Division of German Science By Paul Maddrell 
  • Letters to the Editor